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I have been tagged by Lisa Writes to participate in a meme about seven random things about myself.   I am honored to play…thanks Lisa for including me!

Here’s how it works: Each player starts with 7 random facts/habits about themselves. People who are tagged need to write on their own blog about their seven things, as well as these rules. You need to tag others and list their names. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them that they have been tagged and to read your blog!

Here’s my seven random items about me!

1.  I can read a whole book in one day and not care about what is going on around me (dirty laundry, dishes, chaos!) especially books by Francine Rivers.

2.  My husband and I started dating when I was 15 and NEVER broke up.  I love to spend time with him even after 23 years!  He’s my best friend.

3.  I love to sit in the sun and close my eyes and feel the warmth sinking into my skin.  I am a “sun lover” and miss not being able to be at the beach at least once a week.

4.  I love picking up my four year old at preschool.  As soon as he leaves his classroom and walks down the long hall and sees me, he smiles the biggest smile ever.  No matter what kind of day I have had he always makes me smile.

5.  I do not listen to any secular music (or at least try not to).  I really enjoy listening to Air 1.  I find myself the closest with God when I am listening to Christian music.  I love the song “My savior, my God” by Aaron Shust. 

6. I could eat creamy Jif peanut butter everyday.  I like it especially on sourdough toast.

7. One of my biggest fears is snakes.  I am sometimes afraid to garden because I am afraid I may come across one.  I hate snakes!!!!

I am tagging, Julie, Heidi, and Michelle to play along.


Easter Visit with Grandparents 

On Easter, my sister and I decided to take our families to the skilled nursing facility that our grandma has been living at for the past few months.  You see, Grandma has been very, very sick since the first of the year.  In fact, in the beginning of February, she was not breathing on her own and in a deep sleep.  We had no hope that she would recover and the doctors had prepared us for the worse.  But, Grandma did slowly recover and she started breathing on her own.  My boys had been praying daily for God to take care of Grandma and finally they were getting a chance to see her again.

 For those of you that don’t know me or my family that well, you can’t begin to understand how huge this visit was going to be.  My sister, like me, has four children as well, four girls.  When the four boys and four girls, all under 13, get together it is a meeting of screams, laughs, and very boisterous sounds.  They can’t contain themselves.  And we were taking them to a nursing facility…to see Grandma.

We met Grandpa at the doors and he had found a room that we could all go to and wait for Grandma to be wheeled in.  My brother-in-law gave the kids their instructions before entering…behave, be quiet, please…  I went with Grandpa to Grandma’s room to help move her to her wheelchair.  She had spent extra time and put on make-up and dressed up for her visitors.  We put her in the wheelchair and wheeled her to the waiting room…

 Half way down the hall I spotted the room with ceiling to floor windows and luckily sound proof walls.  I saw all them interacting with each-other waiting for Grandma and then that’s when I saw my third son.  He was standing…peering out the glass windows….waiting for his first glimpse of Grandma….written all over his face was deep concern and love.

 Why is this moment such a momentous occasion, especially one that I would write about.  You see, my third son, is quite a handful.  He is the family clown.  He can mimic all the funny voices he learns from movies and he is always into something that he shouldn’t be doing.  He has already in his second year of school visited the principals’s office twice for goofing off at school.  He NEVER takes anything seriously…people, especially his teacher, tell me he will be famous…I always respond with, “famous for what?  I shudder to think…” He has a tendency to grate on both myself and his Dad’s nerves with all of the wisecracking, jumping around activity.

 …and yet there he stood.  All around him was his brothers and cousins laughing (they were being quiet…as quiet as a group of kids could be hyped out on Easter candy) and yet he stood waiting.  And then he saw her.  I could see how much she had changed since last Christmas through his seven year old eyes.  Grandma had aged greatly she looked much older than her 80 years.  Grandma could not talk or hear as well as she could before.  Her perfect hairdo was not the same.  He stood by her chair afraid to even touch her.  The others had all greeted her and then quickly went back to whatever they had been doing.  But, not him, he stood right by her chair.  I could tell some of the kids were afraid of what had happened to Grandma and were not sure of how to approach her.  But, still my third son stood there thinking…

He came over to me and asked can if he could pat her back.  And I told him that would be fine.  He walked over and patted her back with great concern written all over his face.  Several of the adults noticed him and his care in Grandma.  Grandma too noticed how much he seemed to care.  She reached over and gave him a hug with such happiness written all over her face.  Tears welled up in my eyes as I witnessed my wild child concentrated on his great-grandma.  How could someone like him be so gentle, quiet…

I realized in our short time with Grandma that my son, is a truly deep caring individual.  God had given him a special gift.  He could focus on just Grandma and have no desire to goof around with his brothers and cousins.  He could feel great concern for her well being.  He could be gentle and loving.  Qualities that I had no idea he possessed.

This Easter I will always remember that moment when I saw how my wild, impulsive, seven year old son could be so transformed.  I have realized that I tend to harp on his shortcomings…the struggles with reading and writing, his wisecracking comments and jokes, his tendency to do whatever he wants whenever he wants.  I have been a short-tempered mother with him in every aspect of his life.  I have been so busy with the negative that I have missed his wonderful loving qualities.

Lord,  Easter is the renewing of life.  Our lives in You.  With Easter comes spring and new beginnings.  I pray that I don’t easily forget that little seven year old and his love for grandma, to encourage him positively just as he did with grandma.  Here’s to a new beginning…please Lord, help me to remember the good qualities of my child. Help me to use this new-found trait to encourage him and help me with all of the areas he has been struggling in…remind me Lord, of the love written all over his face.  Amen.

Here goes my foray into the blogging world.  My BFF, Julie, has been blogging for months, and I’ve realized I’m jealous that she can express herself so easily in a creative way.  I am a scrapbooking fanatic that has not had the time in the past few years to do a single page.  I have no outlet for my creativeness or for the sentimental part of me that likes to share memories.  So, after hearing about blogging, I’ve decided this may be the way for me to get started; it combines my love of computers and scrapbooking without making a mess!  It could not be better!  Beware blogging world I could easily get addicted…Thanks Julie!

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